Teaching Children Good Dental Habits

Helping Your Child Develop Good Habits

At Sheron Dental, we share your ambitions for maintaining your child's oral health. Helping them learn proper care from the beginning creates a lifetime foundation of strong dental habits. There are many reasons your child's teeth are extremely susceptible to cavities from a very young age. Children don't have the necessary coordination to brush properly on their own. Because of this, it is important for parents to assist in their child's daily hygiene. This promotes both good cleaning and the development of appropriate dental habits. Poor cleaning means teeth are more likely to develop decay when subjected to food and juice acids. Little kids often "graze" - eating frequently throughout the day. This results in an extended exposure to food acids, which may result in more cavities.The good news is that recognizing poor dietary and hygiene habits, along with applying a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can drastically reduce the odds of your child developing a cavity.

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